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Bojan Bogdanovic's Euro coaches say he needs to be "more ambitious," "consistent"

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Zeljko Obradovic, the legendary European coach, spoke to a Croatian newspaper this week about one of his best players, Bojan Bogdanovic.  Obradovic coached the Nets swingman at Fenerbahce in Turkey and thinks he can do a lot better in the NBA than he has.

Obradovic told Vecernji List...

"Bojan has a decent role with the Nets, but he has to be more ambitious, because there is room for improvement. He is a very intelligent player. He understands basketball. What is missing is a little more commitment to basketball. Even when he was in Fener, I told him, 'You must work more with the ball. If you improve that part of your game, you will get a better contract and more money."

Meanwhile, another former Bogdanovic coach, Neven Spahija, told Vecernji List that he thinks Sean Marks wants to keep the 26-year-old. Spahija works with Kenny Atkinson as an assistant coach with Hawks.

"For a man who's able to score 44 points, the future is not in question, but he must be more consistent. Bojan is one of the few players that new general manager Sean Marks wants to keep on the Nets."

Bogdanovic, in an interview with the same paper three weeks ago, said he was "satisfied" with improvements in his game from last season to this, but "pretty sad" about the Nets season.  "I would be much happier if we managed to make the playoffs."  Bogdanovic, who has an expiring contract --and a 15 percent trade bonus, also said "I don’t believe I will end up in some trade. I want to stay."