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Point guard quandary - So many candidates, so little information

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Don't expect a lot of information this summer leading up to free agency.  The Nets have adopted the Spurs culture in a lot of ways ... and one of them is an aversion to leaks.  Add to that a fact often overlooked in free agent speculation: this is not a strong year for free agents.

Those two aspects might be even more relevant in discussions of free agent point guards. The Nets are desperate for one (or two) and they are not alone. In such a competitive environment, the Nets don't want player agents to know much about who or what they like ... and what they are willing to offer.  The latter is critical because while the Nets need a point guard, overpaying one when other, better guards could be available next year could prove short-sighted.

One league source, in fact, suggested to NetsDaily that only Mike Conley Jr. is "the only option to get a starting point guard" this summer.  Thaddeus Young has put it another way.  When asked about the team's needs, he replied, "Right now, definitely a good point guard and an elite scoring wing…I think those are the aspects of the game that we need."

Virtually every candidate has "issues", including Conley. Is he worth the max, which in a highly competitive environment involved the Nets, Knicks and Grizzlies, he might get?  Can Jeremy Lin really run an NBA team as a starter in a big market?  He did in New York and he's seen a lot of action in Charlotte this season and the playoffs. And how much would he cost?

What about Rajon Rondo?  He puts up gaudy numbers and has a ring -- and Kevin Garnett's good will -- but is he worth the baggage?  Is he a Sean Marks player?  Hard to imagine, but the Spurs were successful in part because they took risks on players like Boris Diaw, seen as a malcontent before he arrived in SA.

Then, there are the other candidates, guys looking for a chance like Seth Curry. He has the genes and put up nice numbers for the Kings --- after they were out of it,  But will he want more money than his small sample would justify?  He's also 26, a nice age and younger than Rondo (30), Conley (28) and Lin (27). Jordan Clarkson appeals to some fans, but he's restricted and the Lakers can match any offer?  WIll they with D'Angelo Russell their best young player.

Brandon Jennings is a bit undersized, a bit injury ptone and could come a bit cheap.  He might make a nice transition figure, but is he the future starting point guard?

That leaves an intriguing, even mysterious candidate overseas.  Sean Marks has spoken about going overseas in pursuit of free agents becaus there's talent in the Euroleague and elsewhere and because he needs to find a way to make up for lost picks.  Enter Milos Teodosic, a four time All-Euroleague selection who was voted Euroleague MVP in 2010. A big (6'5") point with a nice shot and some Kidd-like passing skills.  There's the CSKA connection as well.  He's played for Mikhail Prokhorov's former team for the past five years.  He just missed playing with Trajan Langdon, the Nets new assistant GM. Teodosic, in fact, was signed to make up for the loss of the retiring Langdon.

But does he want to leave Europe? There've been reports he doesn't.  What's his contract situation?  Does he have a buyout?  How much is it?  The Nets can only supply $550,000 to any buyout.  The player has to make up the rest and some European stars have buyouts stretching into the millions.

Like we said, don't expect to know much anytime soon, maybe even up the day the new PG gets his deal done.  Plenty of time to speculate.