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Prokhorov spokesperson: "No plans to sell the team"

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Mikhail Prokhorov's Moscow-based spokesperson, Ellen Pinchuk, has reiterated the Nets owner's position that he intends to hang on the team.

"He has no plans to sell the team." Pinchuk told the Post's Page Six.  Other league sources say that both Prokhorov and his CEO, Dmitry Razumov, remain convinced they can turn the team around.  Rumors of his intention to sell have risen and fallen over the last year.  Prokhorov has said he's willing to sell a piece of the team and arena, but there's no indication of any active discussions.

Prokhorov bought the remaining share of the team (20 percent) and Barclays Center (55 percent) as well as an 85 percent share in Nassau Coliseum from Bruce Ratner just before Christmas.

The valuation of the team and arena are a combined $1.7 billion -- $875 million for the team, $825 million for the arena, according to a press release from the two companies at the time of the sale. Prokhorov purchased his stake in the two for $223 million and the asusmption of $160 million in debt.

Pinchuk was commenting for a Page Six story that suggested that after recent raids on ONEXIM, his holding company, Prokhorov was getting ready to sell his Russian-based assets.  Prokhorov has denied those stories.