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Long Island Nets coach on moving and moving and moving

Ronald Nored

Three years ago, Ronald Nored, the new coach of the Long Island Nets, was the head coach of Brownsburg High School in Indiana, where his Butler teammate, Gordon Heyward, had played.  Since then, he's held five jobs.

So, what's a 26-year-old to do?  Set up a blog and offer advice about moving and moving and moving. It's a fun read and look into who Sean Marks hired for the D-League job.  Bottom line, he writes...

Through this journey I have gotten the opportunity to work for different people and with many different people. I have been in different parts of the country, in very very different climates (I was at the warmest location for only three months, ahem). Here are a couple things I have learned about changing jobs so often, so quickly and moving.

So, here's the millennial lessons learned: People Matter: say proper goodbyes: Start Packing ASAP: go get some boxes; and Don’t Be Afraid to Request Getting Moving Expenses Covered: it can be brutally expensive.

Now, Nored hopes his gig at the Long Island Nets will be long term. No more moving (unless of course you count the move he'll make next year when the team moves from Barclays Center to Nassau Coliseum.)  He promises updates.