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Pass or play? 32-year-old Jarrett Jack

It's that time of year: when front offices look over their rosters and ask, should we keep him or move on. Anthony Parisi is looking at the Nets players who may or may not be back: Pass or Play.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets season went totally downhill after Jarrett Jack went down holding his knee in Boston. It looked serious as soon as Jack went down and as expected it was. Jack was diagnosed with a torn ACL and small medial tear in his right meniscus. That ended his season after only 32 games.

Let's face it, Brooklyn wasn't competing for a playoff spot even if Jack stayed healthy the entire season, but losing Jack put the Nets in a spot where they turned from a mediocre team to an atrocious team.

At the time of his injury, Jack led the 10-23 Nets in assists with 7.3 per game and he was third on the team in scoring at 12.8 points per game. The Nets only managed to get 11 more wins on the season without their leader Jack on the floor.

Jack isn't a prototypical starting point guard, but he was thrown into the job and did his best until having his season was cut short. Jack is best known for coach-like leadership skills and ability to produce coming off of the bench.

Jack is respected in the Nets locker room and loved by his teammates, but the odds of Jack being in a Nets uniform next season are slim to none.

The Nets have a team option that they can exercise or they can let Jack go and pay him the guaranteed money on his contract. This decision seems a no-brainer. If the Nets exercise their team option on Jack, they will owe him $6.3 million and if they decide to let him go, all they have to pay him is $500,000 and wish him well.

The decision on the team option might have been debatable if Jack had stayed healthy, but Jack is 32 years old coming off a major knee injury, his first  in the NBA. So the decision will likely be a relatively easy one. The Nets have until June 30th to decide on their team option.  The Nets point guard situation remains a question mark, but it seems almost 100 percent certain that Jack won't be back with the Nets.

Jack will certainly be missed. He's one of the good guys around the NBA.  He always gets votes for the player most likely to coach after he unties his sneakers for the last time.

Even John Schuhmann of, his biggest critic in the media, wrote this about him when Deron Williams was bought out.

"Jack isn’t on Williams’ level as a point guard, but Williams isn’t on Jack’s level as a leader," wrote Schuhmann.

Jack's leadership has not only had a positive impact in the Nets locker room, but reigning league MVP and NBA champion Stephen Curry called his former teammate Jack the best leader he's ever played with.

At his MVP acceptance speech last year, Curry was asked which leader he learned the most from, Curry stated, "Jarrett Jack had a big influence on me here[in Golden State]."

It won't be long before Jack will get a seat on someone's bench.  Wouldn't be the worst thing if that bench was in Brooklyn.