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Brooklyn Nets (re)brand "Swamp Dragons"


Never, ever underestimate the Nets marketing prowess.

Three days after Zach Lowe told the story of how the New Jersey Nets ownership planned to change the team's name to "Swamp Dragons" 20 years ago, the Brooklyn Nets moved to trademark the name ... again.  Darren Rovell tweets...

The Nets trademarked "New Jersey Swamp Dragons" back in the 1994 but abandoned it in 1997.  Then, after Lowe's story, "Swamp Dragons" fever exploded. Mitchell & Ness, the sportswear retailer, said it had a hard time keeping up with a demand for "Swamp Dragons" gear.  A fan put together a workaround in NBA 2K16 to permit players to create "Swamp Dragons" branding. SBNation dressed up Robin Lopez in a "Swamp Dragons" uniform. He tweeted that Brook was jealous.

Are the Nets planning to rename the team? Change their branding? Of course not (we're pretty sure). But with all that pent-up demand, the Nets could not afford not to re-trademark the name, the logo, etc.  The possibilities are endless and time is of the essence!

Too bad Lowe did the story after the Nets named their D-League team. There are swamps on Long Island, right?