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It's official: Nets and Clippers to swap second round picks

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the 76ers loss to the Raptors, Toronto will finish with the NBA's fifth best record, pushing the Clippers into the sixth spot ... and officially settling the swap between L.A. and Brooklyn. The Nets will pick at No. 55 in the second round, the Clippers at No. 33.

The Nets agreed to swap second rounders in the July 2012 Reggie Evans sign-and-trade. The Clippers had the option to swap picks if Clippers pick was between Nos. 31 and 55.  So unless the Clippers had finished with one of the top five records, the Nets had to swap second round picks. The Clippers didn't.  It was the first time in four years that the Clippers have not finished in the top five.

At the time of the Evans trade, the swap was seen as meaningless. Evans played well for the Nets for a year and a half. With the Nets bereft of first round picks, the team had hopes of a high second pick.  Not happening. The Nets have $3.5 million to buy picks if they choose.