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Fashion icon Brook Lopez, sometimes 27, teamed up with fashion brand Forever 21

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez is the brother of Robin Lopez. He is also the starting center for the Brooklyn Nets, a one-time All-Star and one of the top scoring centers in the NBA. He's also a huge Star Wars fan, and a comic book collector. He's tall. Very tall. Let's see, what else...Oh, right, he's now a brand ambassador for the NBA's Forever 21 line of clothing.

Lopez met with members of the media, along with Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, and helped to roll out the line of clothing -- "new styles for both men and women."

"The NBA certainly picked the right guy to act as the line's ambassador," is something I imagine Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game must be thinking.

He's likable, he's funny, charming, and he loves fashion, as learned.

Rohan Nadkarni: Are you into the whole NBA subculture with fashion? Is that your thing?
Brook Lopez: I’m not super into it all, actually.

Oh. But he has cool clothing, anyway.

Rohan Nadkarni: What’s your favorite thing you own in your closet?

Brook Lopez: My Bayside Tigers T-shirt. I love Saved by the Bell. You can’t beat that. I’m a California guy. It’s always one of my go-tos.

Oh. Well, he has a funny story about his mom dressing him and his brother in the same outfit, though.

​RN: As a twin, did you ever have to dress up in embarrassing matching outfits with your brother?

BL: No, my mom never believed in that.

Well, it's hard for him to find clothing at his size, and all.

RN: Is it hard for you to find clothes that fit?

BL: No, not really. I do get suits and more dressed-up stuff custom made.

I mean...He, uh, he's a really nice dude who likes to do fun things?

I was fortunate enough to hear from it from the Nets. They were nice enough to set me up with this situation. I do have some Forever 21 stuff in my wardrobe. It just seems like a cool thing to do. I am interested in their line, I want to see what they have.

Alright, we're somewhere!

Yes, this is fun, and yes Lopez is fun, and, as Mikey Likes It, said, "Brook Lopez! What a great guy!"

RN: Timothy Dalton is your favorite James Bond? Why?

BL: The Living Daylights is a great Bond movie. I think it’s underrated. At the time it switched from [Roger] Moore to Dalton, and after Moore’s movies, Dalton seemed super dark. But that’s really what you’re seeing today. Dalton was still able to joke as Bond and be light, but he mixed it well he thought.