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In the holy war against mascots, Brook joins brother Robin

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it's just fraternal support, a twin thing ... or is it part of what we've seen recently on court, Brook Lopez's newly found assertiveness. Whatever, it was so out of character (pun intended) for the Brooklyn half of the Lopez twin that it became big news on the Internet.

Brook Lopez mimicked his brother's malace towards mascots. It started innocently. The Raptor, a favorite target of Robin's -- and vice versa, started fiddling with the Nets ball rack. Then, out of nowhere comes an enraged Brook and BAM! Down goes The Raptor! Down goes The Raptor! His shock is evident as he tries to get to his feet. Our awe had us rising out of our comfortable couches, spilling drinks from Mercer to Montauk!

This will serve as a warning to mascots everywhere. Brook is no longer the nice Lopez. It was a year ago this month when Moon Dog, the Cavs mascot, posted a picture of him (it?) and Brook yucking it up over some popcorn prior to a Nets game. Robin was not pleased.

And only two months ago, Pierre the Pelican had some nice words for Brook...

But after Tuesday's ravaging of The Raptor, all mascots should be on the lookout for any Lopez. It is lit!

Of course, with 20 games left, Nets fans will take whatever entertainment they can get between front office personnel announcements.  You go, Brook, take 'em all down!