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Sean Kilpatrick looking like a keeper after 19-point explosion

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets seemingly planned Sean Kilpatrick's 10-day contract for maximum exposure.  By signing him on February 29, they got five games to see what he can do at the NBA level.  His last shot comes Tuesday in Toronto, but it's hard to imagine he won't get another 10-day deal after that.

After playing a few seconds vs. the Clippers the night he signed, the 6'4" shooting guard has scored 39 points in three games, shot 40.6 percent overall and 50 percent from three. His defense, despite Saturday night's debacle, appears NBA ready.  He scored 19 points, on 6-of-13 shooting, including 3-of-5 from deep.

The D-League tweeted out highlights.

As Brian Erni of SNY writes Sunday... "The D-League's top scorer did a little bit of everything well on Saturday, scoring both down low in the paint and hitting three of his five attempts from beyond the arc. At 26, Kilpatrick has plenty of basketball left in him."

When his 10-day ends on Tuesday, the Nets have a number of options: They can sign him to a second 10-day deal, which will take him through another four games. The cost? $49,709.  After a second 10-day, the Nets would have to decide whether to keep him for the rest of the season or let him go.  If they decide to keep him, the decision tree branches out a bit more. Brooklyn could sign him for the last three weeks of this season or for the rest of this season and next, perhaps with a team option and a guarantee.

Sean Marks told Brian Lewis earlier this week he wants to use 10-day contract as a way to see if the team can find a player who can stick beyond this season. As Erni writes, " it looks like they have in Kilpatrick."