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YES tracks Dawn and Johnson's travels

The Nets flew home to New York Saturday night. They will practice Monday back at the HSS Training Center, then fly to Toronto for their next game vs. the Raptors.

But our intrepid travelers, Dawn Riseuno and Richard Johnson, are still driving. They'll be in Toronto Tuesday night and Dawn hinted that they'll leave their van and take the Nets season ticket holder bus to Philly on Friday, the last stop on the circus road trip.

Who can blame them? YES devoted their "Wear Brooklyn At?" segment Saturday to them, tracking their journey and showing the couple in some of America's most iconic locations -- Mount Rushmore, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and one of their favorite stops, Reno.

As Mike Fratello and Ryan Ruocco said during Saturday's broadcast, the Nets should do something special for them on return to Barclays, if not hang their jerseys in the rafters, how about a tire!