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Hoping to see Nets on Comcast? Forget about it.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Bob Raissman, who covers TV sports for the Daily News, writes Saturday that there is no sign of progress in the contractual dispute between Comcast and YES.  Not only does that mean the Nets last 20 games will likely be blacked out in 900,000 Comcast households, Yankee games may meet the same fate.

Raismann writes...

Yankees fans subscribing to Comcast should start preparing for the worst.

With opening day less than a month away, none of the sides involved in this blackout of the Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network (Comcast, Yankees, Fox, YES’ majority owner), are in a hurry to find a resolution and end the dispute.

Over 900,000 Comcast subscribers (or at least the ones who watch Yankees games) in New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, have been without YES since November.

The lack of movement by both sides, and the fact there has not been much fan pressure, means the situation could linger well into the season.

.Comcast blocked YES Network in mid-November.  it had the rightot do so earlier but decided after the Nets horrific start that there was little downside for its negotiating posture to keep YES and the Nets on their air.