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Dawn and Johnson at halfway point of Circus Road Trip

Dawn Risueno

Dawn Risueno and her husband Richard Johnson, aka Johnson, are halfway through their great adventure, the 9,000- mile Circus Road Trip, following their Nets on the NBA's longest stretch of road games.

The Nets caught up with them and interviewed them.

"Its great, just tremendous," said Dawn, who rides shotgun.

The two talked about how they had stopped along the way at Mount Rushmore (and Monument Valley), but noted it was all about the games.  But at one point, the "van lag" got to the two of them.

"From Phoenix, we went to, we went to ... what's after Phoenix?  What was the next stop?" Dawn asked Johnson, who went blank.

Then with some prompting, they figured it out.

"Utah! Thank you, Utah!"

They talked about the reaction they get along the way.

"Mostly, other fans when they found out that we take this tour, that we drive. they give us tremendous respect," Dawn noted, adding a bit of 100 percent truth. "Everyone wants to do this. they live vicariously through us. through our tweets, our Facebook, our Instagram."

Oh yeah.