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Sergey Karasev tells Russian TV he wants to remain in NBA

Al Bello/Getty Images

In an interview with RT, the English language Russian TV channel, Sergey Karasev says "my main option, my first first option" is to stay in the NBA, but he did not mention a return to the Nets.

"Everybody knows that this is my third year and I'm going to be an unrestricted free agent. I have an opportunity to play right now and work hard try to improve my game, try to show coaches and show this league I can be here and can be successful here.

"Because my main option, my first option is to stay here and not to go back to Europe. This is the best league in the world, and everyone is blessed to be here. So this is great."

Karasev also said he wants to be a role model for Russian players who are just taking their first steps in basketball.

The 22-year-old has been given more minutes as the Nets season winds down, suggesting the front office is giving him an audition. The Nets could sign the 6'7" swingman to a vets minimum contract if they want.