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Woj discusses Sean Marks' Plan for Free Agency this Summer

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Marks understands the importance in establishing a culture and strategizing for the future before putting all his eggs into the basket. There is no ‘quick fix', but there is some hope, with time, for this thing to turn around.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports' "The Vertical" discussed Marks' free agency plan for the upcoming summer.

"The Nets new General Manager Sean Marks understands that big game hunting is a fruitless pursuit for the Nets until they've established a culture with a new coach and a real identity. The Nets are flushed with salary cap space this summer, but so is most of the NBA. Marks' plan is to spend the money wisely on the market; find value to build a franchise over the longer term. His mandate is to make Brooklyn appealing to star free agents over a period of time. But that won't come overnight. Marks is determined to find value on the market this summer. Find some singles and doubles before he tries to go out and hit home runs."

The Nets have about $40 million in cap space this summer. As Woj mentions, most of the NBA will have money to spend just like the Nets. Brooklyn's cap space is, at the moment, seventh in the NBA.

In an interview with Evan Roberts of WFAN on February 26, Marks said he was hopeful the team would do well in free agency, but made no guarantees.

"I would hope so. I know that's going to be difficult.," he admitted but added, "I think Brooklyn has a lot to offer. I think some of the changes we make, even prior to free agency. Agents and players will get wind that something different is happening there. I don't people saying, 'It's the Nets, nothing's going to change.' There is going to be changes here. I want to get the right people in here, in free agency to lead this team forward.."

It's no longer about the 'quick fix', which has proved to be quite the letdown since the Nets moved to Brooklyn.