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Introducing the NetsDaily t-shirt shop


It's been a long season for Brooklyn Nets fans. But, hey, it's definitely been a memorable one as well. The highs and lows, you guys. Anyway, we have a cool announcement to make. We've teamed up with our friends over at Popsonyo! to bring you some cool, one-of-a-kind NetsDaily t-shirts. We're really excited about what we have and what's to come.

So, check it out!

Election season is here, and there's only one real choice for who can turn this team/country around! Bernie who?! Donald what?!

Vote Skilpatrick: 2016 (available in multiple colors)

sean kilpatrick

YO! RUN CMC (available in multiple colors)

run cmc

And, of course, show your pride for NetsDaily! Or, you know, Bob, Pooch and Tom this one's for you guys. Or something.

NetsDaily Logo (available in multiple colors)

netsdaily shirt

Good news, too, our friends from Popsonyo! are offering up a 10% discount to NetsDaily readers. Just add the coupon code "NETSDAILY" to your order. Pretty easy.

We're working with Popsonyo! to come up with some other great shirts for the store. Should be fun.

Go shirts!

Also, check out more of what Popsonyo! has to offer.