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An exasperated Tony Brown changes starting lineup

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Nets are in audition mode, but that's not stopping Tony Brown from expressing exasperation at his team's lack of fire ... and has decided to make changes in his starting lineup.  With only 12 games left, Brown is not above proving a point.

On Thursday, Brown will start Sergey Karasev and Shane Larkin, benching Wayne Ellington and Donald Sloan.

"I just wanted them to know it’s not acceptable," Brown said after Wednesday’s practice. "If you get a chance to be on the court, you have to play your minutes hard. We know we’re not going to the playoffs, but these guys are still getting evaluated. You have to go out there with that in your mind to prove that you belong on this team or you belong in this league."

Moreover, Brown indicated that Karasev and Larkin, aged 22 and 23, will get an extended look.

"I’m going to give Shane Larkin a chance to start the rest of these games toward the end of the season and I’m going to give Sergey Karasev a chance to start the next couple games to give him some quality minutes, so I’m going to keep shifting it around," Brown said. "It’s not going to be the same guys every night."

Brown also pointed to Sean Kilpatrick as a player who's been playing at the level he wants.

"(Sean) came in here, made the best of his opportunity and got himself a new contract based on his play. And if they can’t see that, something’s wrong with them," Brown said.

The Nets interim coach also suggested Chris McCullough isn't playing because he needs to better master the team's playbook.