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Happy 10th Birthday Twitter: Here are Nets players, beat reporters' first tweets

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter turned 10 years old today. Yay. Happy Birthday, Twitter. And as part of their birthday, they have made a fun little way to check what everyone's first tweet was. Oh, fun.

So, I decided to look at the Nets, their players and the people who cover the team and share with you their first tweets. Here goes!

So, this is what comes up when you search for Markel Brown's account:

Yes you did, Henry! YES. You. Did.

As for some of the folks who cover the team, here are some of the, uh, "best."

Boring, Bob. Real boring.

Hah. Wait, what?


Can we note, first, that Devin's Twitter named used to be @s_w_a_g_g_e_r?!

Wait, also, what?!?

Hopefully Eric will finally get to see this, Fred. Nice @ mention, buddy.

Ooops, probably should have @ mentioned Andy...