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In Joe Johnson's absence, Bojan Bogdanovic gets going, but...

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Since Joe Johnson was bought out, and he was given the starting role, Bojan Bogdanovic has looked good. As good as he has all year.

The numbers tell the story: He's averaging 17.2 points per game, shooting 45.1 percent overall, 38.1 percent from three point territory and  83.3 percent, 15-of-18 from the free throw line, all in 32 minutes per.  He's picked up his rebounding as well, averaging 4.5 in those four games.  Tuesday night, he went for 18 points, going only 1-of-4 from deep but playing well otherwise ... on offense.

Bogdanovic has to be one of those guys Sean Marks is watching closely on the circus trip. Everyone knows the knock on him: he's consistent on offense and lacking in defense, but once he gets started, he can push the team.  He is energetic, if a bit moody, and according to reports, had a tough time this season adjusting to all the losing (and Lionel Hollins equally inconsistent use of him.)

Is he a part of the "young core" going forward? Brett Yormark named him in his list of core players. Mikhail Prokhorov did not.  Marks has yet to be heard from, of course.  It's hard to dismiss someone with his offensive gifts but he does turn 27 next month and his $3.57 million expiring contract next season could be seen as a bargain by a contending team.  Could he bring something valuable back?  On the other hand, he could be the model for Marks alternative strategy of making up for lost picks by finding diamonds-in-the-rough overseas.

It's likely that he's be a starter for the rest of the season or first off the bench once Rondae Hollis-Jefferson returns later in March.  Tony Brown hasn't said what his plans are.  .