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Nets, Sean Kilpatrick reach three-year deal

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets and Sean Kilpatrick are nearing a multi-year deal that's Sean Marks first major signing since taking over as Brooklyn GM a month ago. Mike Mazzeo reports the deal is actually a three-year deal with the first two years fully guaranteed.

Woj, as per usual, broke the story.

Specifically, Woj wrote...

Journeyman Sean Kilpatrick is transforming a 10-day contract with the Brooklyn Nets into staying power.

Kilpatrick, 26, is finalizing a two-year deal with the Nets, sources told The Vertical.

The deal will include a guarantee for the 2016-17 season, sources said.

Kilpatrick's agency confirmed the deal.

Mazzeo described the deal this way...

Nets guard Sean Kilpatrick signed a three-year contract that is fully guaranteed for the rest of this season and next season, his agent, Zach Kurtin, told The rest of this season is prorated at $221,000 -- more than the minimum. Kilpatrick will get a fully guaranteed $980,000 minimum salary in 2016-17 and has a non-guarantee of $1.05 million in 2017-18 which kicks in fully if he's not waived by June 30, 2017.

At no point will Kilpatrick's contract amount to two percent of the Nets salary cap.

Bobby Marks said the Nets had to have used part of the MLE they gained by getting under the luxury tax threshold earlier this season.

After signing with the Nets on Feb. 28, Kilpatrick averaged nearly 12 points and 19 minutes in eight games. He is shooting 50 percent from three point range.

Marks has repeatedly said that the Nets would have to make up for lost draft picks by scouring places like Europe and the D-League.  Kilpatrick was the D-League's top scorer and top prospect before the Nets brought him up.