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Dawn and Johnson: 9,000-Mile Circus Road-Trip... COMPLETE!

Dawn Risueno

There's no place like home, but don't tell Dawn and Johnson that!

The couple finally made it back to Brooklyn, the place they call home, after following their beloved Nets on the nine game circus road-trip, the longest stretch of road games in the NBA.

Dawn and Johnson drove over 9,000 miles to watch the Nets play in Portland, then Phoenix, Utah, Los Angeles, Denver, Minnesota and Toronto. That's seven different states and one Canadian province just to watch an underachieving Nets team play. Then, they hopped on the Nets season ticket holder bus on Friday for the matchup in Philadelphia.

This is the outline of the 2.5 week adventure the two set out on:

We've chronicled their experience through a series of tweets from Dawn who told NetsDaily before the trip that they get "so much respect" from opposing fans who follow them on twitter.

First stop: Portland,  February 20.

Second stop: Phoenix, February 24.

Last season, Dawn told us how she got to meet Joe Johnson and some of the other players. This year, she got to meet some of the guys, namely Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, because of course Rondae, and Shane Larkin.

Third stop: Salt Lake City, Utah, February 27.

Fourth stop: Los Angeles, February 28.

Fifth stop: Denver, March 1.

Hey, there they are!

We doubted them...

...But they proved us wrong! Minnesota, March 5.

And for a second straight year, YES Network starred them on the always entertaining "WEAR BROOKLYN AT" feature. In the words of Mike Fratello: "the Nets should do something special for them on return to Barclays, if not hang their jerseys in the rafters, how about a tire!"

Seventh stop: Toronto, March 7.

Eighth and final stop: Home. March 10.

The final result: