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Petra Pope, who developed Brooklyn flavor for Nets entertainment, leaves for Clippers

Brooklyn Nets

Petra Pope, who helped develop the Brooklyn flavor for the Nets entertainment experience, has left the team for the Los Angeles Clippers, where she's now creative director for the Los Angeles Spirit.

Pope had been with the Nets since 2005. She was the manager of the Los Angeles Lakers Girls from 1983-1989, then launched the Knicks City Dancers in 1991 -- "There was a different owner and it was a different experience,." she said back in 2013. She spent 14 years with the Knicks prior to joining the Nets.

Pope's job was to bring the Nets brand to life with dance teams, music, video production, costumes, lighting, and halftime entertainment. Her biggest job and biggest success was creating the Brooklynnets, seen as one of the top NBA dance teams.  But the job was bigger than that, as she noted in a 2013 interview with Vibe Magazine.

"It’s the entire show. From the music, videos, LED, we work with the building to make sure everything comes out as planned," she said. "We promote the next game and our sponsors. It’s all well-documented so no one has an excuse to say they didn’t know."

Pope speaks fluent German and has a black belt in karate.