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Bojan Bogdanovic: Tony Brown "a good coach and an even better person"

In an interview with a Spanish TV outlet, Bojan Bogdanovic offered his assessment of the season and the team's interim coach, saying the team is better than their record indicates and that Tony Brown is "a good coach and an even better person." Was that a critique of Brown's predecessor?

The interview, conducted in Spanish -- Bogdnanovic is multi-lingual-- came the night of the Nets loss to the Raptors. Bogie scored 12 points and grabbed five rebounds in the loss.

"I feel good, but I feel bad right now because we lost this lead we had in the first half (at Toronto), but re: my game, I'm starting and getting a lot of minutes right now with Joe Johnson gone like you said, and have to be aggressive on both on defense and offense."

As for Brown, Bogdandovic offered no direct comparisons with Lionel Hollis, but praised the interim coach on a personal as well as professional level.

"Tony was with us last year as an assistant for Lionel. So we know him well. He is a good coach and an even better person."

As for the Nets, he seems as mystified as anyone about Brooklyn's miserable record but said the team can't just give up.

"We have a lot of talent in the locker room but honestly we aren't playing like we should or like everyone expects us to from the beginning of the season. There is one month, 20 games, ao we have to stay together and play as well as we can."

Bogdanovic missed his first game of the season Friday vs. the 76ers when Brown rested him for the night. Thanks to @AndresB for finding the video.