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Brook Lopez is angry, feels like he's been getting 'beaten up lately'

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez has been pretty angry lately, and it's not because he can't find clothes that don't fit him. No, it's because he's been getting beaten up on the basketball court and a lot of those calls are getting missed, he believes.

According to Lopez, he's been the victim of some hands-y individuals.

From Mike Mazzeo:

"This is going to sound pretty dumb, but I just feel like I've been getting beat up lately. Sometimes guys miss calls. That's just the way it is." Maybe it's because he commands the attention of literally the entire opposing defense. "(Opposing defenders) have been getting pretty handsy lately."

Well, an angry Lopez turned in one of his best efforts -- in a loss to the Raptors -- on Tuesday, going for 35 points on 13-of-17 shooting and 7 blocks in 35 minutes.

Coach Tony Brown said that the team is using Lopez to help create open looks for his teammates, in having Lopez draw double teams.

The problem is, Lopez is getting doubled, and in those instances getting fouled, so he believes, and the refs are not calling those fouls. Hence, the frustration.

There are worse things for the Nets than an angry Lopez, as we've seen of late. So, maybe this is a good thing?