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ESPN: Brooklyn Nets among (a lot of) teams interested in Chandler Parsons

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Add Chandler Parsons to the list of free agents the Nets could be interested in this summer, writes Tim MacMahon of ESPN in Dallas  Problem is that about a third of the league wants him too and the price will be high: about $92 million over four years under the new, TV rights-fueled free agency market.

MacMahon lists the Nets among eight teams who sources say would like to add the 6'9" Parsons added to their roster. And that doesn't count his current team, the Mavericks.

The list of teams interested in Parsons will be long, with sources expecting the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets and Magic to be among Parsons' suitors. If Durant leaves Oklahoma City, add the Thunder to the list, with a potential reunion with Parsons' coach at Florida, Billy Donovan.

Chandler, whose stats are not gaudy this season, has a number of things that are attractive to teams, including his ability to play multiple positions on the court and his character/leadership.  (The Nets considered taking him in the 2011 NBA Draft but settled on Jordan Williams, now out of the league.)

The Mavs have to be considered one favorite, MacMahon notes, because of Parsons' good relationship with Mark Cuban.  Another possibility is the Magic, who play near his hometown, Casselberry, FL.  MacMahon doesn't talk about the Nets chances, but earlier this week, Sean Marks, said of attracting a top flight free agent this summer, "I know that's going to be difficult."