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When you have Joe Jesus, expect miracles

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It's not just you, it's reality: NO player has hit more buzzer beaters than Joe Johnson has in the last decade. Mikhail Prokhorov wasn't kidding when he said "Joe Cool ... as usual" as he was leaving Barclays Center.

As ESPN's Stats and Info reported Monday night, Johnson has hit SEVEN buzzer-beaters -- game-winning shots with no time left -- over the past 10 seasons, easily the most in the NBA. Monta Ellis and Andre Iguodala each have four. That's five with the Nets, two with the Hawks. (And that tally doesn't count the two buzzer-beaters to tie the game in the Nets triple OT loss to the Bulls in the 2013 playoffs.)

In fact, Johnson has hit the Nets last five buzzer-beaters.  The last Net not named Johnson to hit a game winner was Devin Harris when he hit a three-quarter court heave against Philadelphia in 2009.  (Jarrett Jack hit a clutch shot last season vs. the Clippers but left 1.3 seconds on the clock, not an official buzzer-beater. The Clippers turned the ball over on the inbound.)

And this buzzer-beat was unique. it was the first time Johnson hit a shot when the Nets were behind. In his four previous game winners, the Nets were tied.

For the record, Johnson's Nets buzzer beaters have come in December 2012 vs. the Pistons; February 2013 vs. the Bucks; November 2013 vs. the Suns; January 2014 vs. the Thunder and of course Monday night vs. the Nuggets.