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Brooklyn Nets TV ratings continue to drop


No surprise, of course, with the team's poor performance and the YES - Comcast dispute, but the Nets once again had the lowest local TV ratings of any NBA team, at 0.47, for the first half of the season. That means that less than one-half of one percent of the households in the New York metropolitan area tuned in on a regular basis.

That works out to less than 35,000 households per game, or about double what the Nets are entertaining at Barclays on a given night. The Nets rank 27th in attendance, at 14,881, or about 84 percent of the arena capacity.

According to Sports Business Journal, the Nets ratings dropped 15 percent since last season. The loss of 900,000 households served by Comcast didn't help, of course. That represents 12 percent of the households in the viewing area. Surprisingly, the Nets drop was not among the bottom five. Disappointing teams in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans and Washington all registered 20 percent plus drops.

The Warriors, no surprise here either, had the biggest increase, 120 percent, to 8.42. The Cavaliers, Spurs and Warriors have the best TV ratings.  Knicks ratings are up 31 percent to 2.17 -- or nearly five times what the Nets bring in.

The Nets and YES agreed to a new local TV rights deal this summer which dramatically upped the Nets revenues.