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Point guards talk future in New York

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

There are only two point guards worth big bucks in this summer's free agent market and both were in New York on Friday. Mike Conley Jr. was playing for the Grizzlies in Manhattan and Rajon Rondo was playing for the Kings in Brooklyn.

Both seemed to want everyone to know they're open to change. Conley, despite suggestions he was married to Memphis made it clear "everything will be on the table" offering hope to both Nets and Knicks fans.  Rondo, on the other hand, said New York, with its addiction to the Triangle, would not be an attractive option. "The triangle’s not really a good look for me, I don’t think," Rondo said.

The two point guards comments come a day after the Nets were linked to Brandon Jennings, the other big PG name who's likely to be a free agent this summer.

There are significant differences in the three players' availability.  All are unrestricted free agents come summer, but Conley Jr., 28,can get a lot more money from Memphis than he can from any other team. Sacramento, having signed Rondo, 29, to a one year deal, doesn't have that option and Detroit would prefer to trade Jennings, 26, this month, knowing that there's no way he's going to re-sign and back-up Reggie Jackson.

Conley Jr. talked about the possibility of playing for the Knicks, but a lot of what he said applied to the Nets as well.

"I think everything will be on the table when the time comes," Conley said. "I haven’t committed to anything."

He did refute some conventional wisdom, that he and Marc Gasol have an agreement that he stay in Memphis. Conley Jr. had a big role in keeping the 7-footer in the Grizzlies camp. "No, there's no pact," he said, adding, "It's a business."  Conley Jr. of course had a great relationship under Lionel Hollins at Memphis.

Rondo who leads the league in assists at 11.7 per game talked more freely about what's going to happen in the summer and what will be the key determinant in any decision he makes.

"Coach. And the style of play,’’ Rondo told beat writers. "The biggest thing for me is the style of play. I don’t want to go to a system where I don’t really have the ball in my hands, and they have you standing in the corner shooting 3s. That’s not my style of play yet. I haven’t turned into J-Kidd. … That’s about it. Style of play is the biggest thing: Personnel on the court and coaches."

Jennings, is still recovering from the ruptured achilles he suffered last season. He's unlikely to be in Detroit next season or maybe even next month. The Nets may not have talked to the Pistons about a deal for Thaddeus Young but Brooklyn has expressed interest. So of course have other teams ... and truth be told, other teams are likely to have other, better assets.