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Would Nets trade Thaddeus Young for Brandon Jennings? No, BUT...

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Sheridan reports Thursday that a source --not further identified--  tells him the Nets are talking to the Pistons about a trade centered on Brandon Jennings and Thaddeus Young?

Brandon Jennings could very well end up in Brooklyn two weeks from now in a trade that would send Thaddeus Young to the Detroit Pistons, sources tell

Sheridan also suggests add-ons that would make the trade more palpable to the Nets.

Really?  How many ways does this not make sense?  Start here: Stan Van Gundy, the Pistons coach/GM, told reporters the Sheridan story is, uh, not true.

"I got my email today from (general manager) Jeff (Bower) with all the discussions that have gone on, and there was no mention of Brooklyn and no mention of Brandon in any of it," Van Gundy said. "But hey, with the way you guys make shit up this time of the year, it’s always interesting to me to find out stuff that you guys know we’re talking about that we don’t know we’re talking about. I find it interesting and amusing."

Of course, the Nets could be interested in Jennings if the asking price wasn't a core player.  So  are other teams and everyone in the NBA knows what's up. There's little to no chance Jennings will re-sign in Detroit so the Pistons want to get something in return for him before the deadline. At the same time, other teams' GMs don't want to give up much in return.  They have the leverage.

Here's some other reasons to doubt any talks of a Jennings-for-Young deal...

--The Nets don't have a general manager.  NOTHING has been decided on a successor to Billy King.  Frank Zanin, King's long time assistant, carries the phone other GMs know to call but remains the assistant GM, not the interim. One would think that Nets ownership would want a GM in place before taking on a deal of this magnitude.

--Jennings is an unrestricted free agent, making $8.34 million this season. The Nets could bid on him in the summer if they want him.  Getting him or any other player now isn't going to help the Nets make the playoffs. Also, Jennings recently returned from a ruptured achilles tendon and has averaged 6.6 points and 3.3 assists in 18 minutes over 19 games.

--If the Nets traded for Jennings, they could lose him in free agency, although Sheridan says the Nets are "willing to give Jennings a long-term contract as they begin the process of rebuilding following the reign of error directed by Billy King."

--Young, on the other hand, is having a career year, averaging 15 and 9, with 22 double-doubles. He is 27 years old, only a year older than Jennings, and is signed to a four-year deal.  Young's wife she doesn't know anything...

Stay tuned