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Product on court not so good; court itself? The best!

Herringbone is the new parquet!

Sports Illustrated is out with its rankings of the top NBA court designs and the Nets unique herringbone design and its black-and-white motif wins hands down.

Here's the commentary...

It is one thing to be different, but it is quite another to do different well. The black and white doesn’t disappoint, with a black frame and black key merging with white lines and the black-and-white center logo in a modest size. Brooklyn, using differing grades of maple positioned angularly, created a herringbone pattern across the whole of the floor. The 2015 addition topped it all off by using "subway art" to create the lettering of "Brooklyn Nets" on each baseline. Perfect originality.

So why herringbone? Good question. A check of some Russian history will give you a hint or two. Herringbone layout was a favorite in post-war Russian apartments and if you go to ONEXIM headquarters in Moscow, you'll see that same floor design in their grand hall too.