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Brook and Robin Lopez finally take the step ... as authors

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the advantages of living and working in the media capital of the world.

After years of planning and talking about collaborating professionally, Brook Lopez and his Knick brother, Robin, are finally going to launch their second professional career ... as co-authors.

It's all hush-hush, writes Fred Kerber, but the two 7-footers are well along in their project.

"Robin and I have actually been doing a series of covers right now with some of our characters. That’s pretty much as specific as I can be. It’s all original character stuff so it wouldn’t make any sense anyway," Lopez told Kerber. "I don’t know when they would be coming out but we’re absolutely working on it."

In the division of labor, It's Brook, the creative writing major at Stanford, who does the words and Robin the pictures.  Can hardly wait for the book tour, with all that mom-liked-me-best shtick.