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Joe Johnson's Top 10 Moments with the Brooklyn Nets

There are obviously so many great memories in Joe Johnson's 3.5 years with the Brooklyn Nets, but some stick out more than most. From his ridiculous handles, to his scoring outbursts, to all the game-winners. Joe will be missed.

10. Joe seals the deal against the Knicks on MLK Day

9. Handles send Chris Bosh flying

8. Jusuf Nurkic's ankles, knees and entire body get broken

7. Paul Pierce on all fours!

6. "OH HE CAN'T MISS!" NBA record-tying quarter

5. Joe for the win vs. Phoenix

4. Joe for the win against Detroit in double OT

3. "Say it ain't so, Joe!"

2. Not ONE but TWO buzzer beaters for Joe

1. The game winner that turned the Nets season around