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The Sean Marks Effect: ANZAC fans joining NetsDaily

Michael Bradley/Getty Images

Hey Brett!  We got news for you. With the hiring of Sean Marks, NetsDaily has gotten a rush of new viewers from Australia and New Zealand, home country of the new GM.

In the last month, when news of the Nets interest in Marks started, New Zealand joined the top ten in ND visits for the first time.  Australia, always one of our strongholds, was No. 4.

In terms of "New Users", however, New Zealand came in No. 6 over the last month.

New Zealand had never finished in the Top 10 in either of those lists before. So far, that's the most up-to-date data we have, but our SoundCloud numbers, which we can access on a more timely manner, show that since Marks was hired, interest in New Zealand has skyrocketed.

Last week, New Zealand ranked No. 3 in NetsDaily SoundCloud listens, just behind the U.S. -- and Australia.  Our most popular SoundCloud posts: Sean Marks' introductory press conference leading with 700 and counting. Next in line was Mikhail Prokhorov denying he knew Marks at the HSS Training Center opening ... 300 plays.

We can see added followers on Twitter as well.  As one Aussie replied to a tweet about rising interest from the Tasman Empire (look it up)...

Now we know the numbers are small, but after all, the number of New Zealanders is small, too, about 4.5 million people or equal to Northern New Jersey.  But we -- and no doubt, the Nets -- will take it.

We can hardly wait for word of the New Zealand marketing tie-ins.