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Brooklyn Nets get no respect in Power Rankings

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

They've won three of their last six, hired a new GM who got almost unanimous raves and opened a $50 million training center, which got even better reviews!  But alas, they are stuck in the bottom five of the NBA Power Rankings.

It's not that the pundits ignored those positives. It's just that the negatives outweigh them, like the Nets have the fewest home games left (8) and the longest road trip (9) games of any NBA team.  Ugh.

Here they are..

John Schuhmann, (27)

The first move of Sean Marks' tenure as Nets general manager was waiving Andrea Bargnani, so he's off to a fantastic start. The summer will provide him another opportunity to sell off Brook Lopez and/or Thaddeus Young if that's the direction he wants to go. The circus is coming to town, the Nets are on the road (where they've lost six straight) for the next 19 days, and they have a league-low eight home games remaining.

Marc Stein, ESPN (26)

The Nets managed to lure the GM they wanted out of San Antonio and opened up that snazzy new practice facility in Brooklyn. Throw in a win over the hated Knicks, and it was one of the most upbeat weeks in a while for Mikhail Prokhorov & Co. Only now Brooklyn heads out on the longest road trip for any team all season; Tuesday at Portland is the first of nine in a row away from home.

Matt Moore, CBS Sports (28)

They hired their GM on the day of the trade deadline. That is so misguided a move it's nearly admirable. I like to imagine Sean Marks trying to unpack his office while his assistant keeps running in with phone messages of GMs trying to pry Brook Lopez away.

Kurt Helin, NBC Sports (27)

They made a fantastic move hiring Sean Marks to be their GM, and hopefully that second Brinks truck they had to back up to his door to get him to take the deal will buy him some autonomy to rebuild this franchise the right way. Without interference from non-basketball people. This rebuild is going to take years.

Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated (27)

Rather than try to cut a trade in his first four hours on the job (which would have made for an intense reality show), Sean Marks made his initial stamp on this team by grabbing the lowest-hanging fruit and cutting it loose. Spread your wings, Andrea Bargnani. Fly free.

Tim Bontemps, Washington Post (25)

The Nets have played better recently and now have a general manager in Sean Marks. Not a bad couple of weeks in Brooklyn.

Kelly Dwyer, Yahoo! Sports (28)

They hired a general manager that isn’t Billy King, which is good.

They hired him five hours before the trade deadline. And you lose an hour flying from San Antonio to Brooklyn.

Adi Joseph et al, USA Today (27)

What does it say about an organization when it hires a general manager on the day of the NBA trade deadline?

Grant Hughes, Bleacher Report (28)

The trade deadline came and went, and the only thing the Brooklyn Nets acquired was a general manager. Sean Marks, late of the San Antonio Spurs front office, is now the head personnel man in Brooklyn.

"I am very excited to be named the general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, and to become a member of the vibrant and dynamic organization that represents Brooklyn," Marks said in a team release, his optimism bordering on lunacy.