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No plans for open roster spot after Andrea Bargnani buyout

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Sean Marks has his first opportunity to improve the Nets roster now that they've bought out Andrea Bargnani ... at his request.  Whether they will fill it or how is uncertain, Tony Brown told the media Sunday night. It will be up to Marks.

"I haven’t had that conversation, I’m going to leave that to Sean Marks to answer those questions," Brown said.

"Obviously letting Bargnani go creates a roster spot for us, and he had expressed the interest to move on and I think it works out better for both sides. I wish him nothing but the best. I like Andrea, he was very professional while he was here, and it’s just unfortunate that the season has kind of gone the way it has."

The Nets currently have 14 players under contract with two others, Jarrett Jack and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson inactive with injuries. Jack is out for the rest of the year, RHJ at least another two weeks.

Bargnani (along with three other Nets) signed a two-year deal last summer, with a player option. He would have received about 70 percent of the $1.3 million owed for this season.  If he declined the player option as part of the buyout deal, the Nets wouldn't carry any of next year's salary on the cap.  The Nets, of course, want to preserve as much cap space as possible. They currently have more than $40 million in space, ranking seventh among NBA teams.

The Nets most pressing need, obviously, is at the point, but it's hard to imagine the team finding a starting point guard among the D-Leaguers, players returning from China or the open market.