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Sean Marks: Gregg Popovich, R.C. Buford encouraged him to go for Brooklyn Nets job

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In his first interview as Nets GM --with a New Zealand radio station-- on Thursday afternoon Sean Marks said that Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford of the Spurs encouraged him to interview for the Brooklyn job.

He told Radio Sport New Zealand...

"Obviously I've run every thing past them. They were the first ones to bring it to me, said,  'Hey, this is a great opportunity for you. Go through the process. See how it all turns out. Great experience for you.'

And here we stand today. It's been very difficult to leave. It's been home for a number of years and it will always be very, very special. And I will also rely on both Pop and R.C. but the rest of the group, we'll always be friends...

"It was tough to leave that group, but I have to stretch my wings."

At the same time, said a league source familiar with the process, Buford was recommending Marks to the Nets. Buford is good friends with Sergey Kushchenko, a member of the Nets board and a member of the Nets selection committee.

Marks also said his Spurs pedigree was key to getting the job, explaining just what it means to work in the San Antonio system.

"What they probably saw in me, was obviously coming from San Antonio, and has a history and tradition here and the way we've done things in San Antonio, which is a systematic approach, processes that are involved before arriving at any decision. Whatever decision that needs to be made is not made on a whim, is made for the right reasons with a long-term approach involved."

He said as well that he had been impressed in his talks with Mikhail Prokhorov, about he's committed to winning.

Well. what Prokhorov's comment on Wednesday that he had never of Marks? Marks laughed and said, "I look forward to meeting him."