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What makes the Nets cool? Car elevators, cyro chambers and lots and lots of tape

Deron Williams

Georgia Kral of amNY is doing a series called "Secrets of New York ... The ultimate insider's guide to the best-kept secrets of NYC's must-see places and buzzed-about people." You know ... what makes them cool.

She examines the Nets and their home in the latest entry and she finds a lot of stuff that makes Brooklyn's NBA entry cool (and in the case of the cryo-chambers, cold.)

Getting cars, trucks and buses in and out of the arena is particularly cool to Kral who cites both the elevators than can handle 80,000 pounds of automotive heft and the giant turntable that spins the vehicles to their designated parking places.  She notes Kobe Bryant once called entering Barclays as "a basketball version of Willy Wonka"

The cryogenic chambers --there are two-- get attention too, with Thaddeus Young noting, "It helps you rejuvenate everything, and it gets you back on the court faster. The only thing I hate about getting in there is that you have to get in there with just shorts and some gloves and shoes on."

Kral also lists some of the celebrities who have shot hoops on the Nets practice court below Starbucks, including the Harlem Globetrotters and Justin Bieber (with a picture!)

As for that tape, Tim Walsh, ace ankle-taper-upper, says the team goes through 2,400 rolls of taper every season.