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Joe Johnson unsure of his future as Chris McCullough's approaches

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Some news Tuesday after the futures of the oldest and youngest Nets -- Joe Johnson, who's 34, and Chris McCullough, who turns 21 Friday.

Johnson told beat writers that he has not yet discussed either seeking a trade -- or a post-deadline buyout. But he said he has a meeting with his agent, Jeff Schwartz, to discuss his situation.  Schwartz, of course, is Deron Williams agent and the man who worked out his buyout.

Here's the beats' tweets...

Johnson did say he could see himself returning to the Nets, which would have to be at a big discount on his $24.9 million expiring salary.

But Johnson also said he wants to win.

A buyout around the February 18 deadline would presumably reduce what's owed Johnson and increase the Nets cap space. Right now, they are only $1.4 million below the luxury tax --and repeater tax-- threshold, giving them little wiggle room to do a deal. But the combination of added cap space from a Johnson buyout, Jarrett Jack's $3.15 million disabled player exception and two small trade exceptions could give the Nets some options at the deadline.

Meanwhile, there was good news on McCullough. He's been cleared medically and will be activated for the first time this weekend, dressing  Friday vs the Kings in Brooklyn and Saturday vs. the 76ers in Philly.  Said a Nets official, the team plans to "ease [him[ into his new NBA life, with probable court time on Monday at home" vs. the Nuggets.

The Nets have been taking it easy with McCullough who blew out his knee a year ago while playing for Syracuse.