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A big win on deadline day for Brooklyn Nets

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So at the end of the day, at least up through 3 p.m., the Nets won the day.  They didn't make any trades, although they apparently had some offers. They reportedly talked with the Hawks about Jeff Teague and heard offers for Thaddeus Young. . What they did accomplish in the 24 hours before the deadline was sign their top choice for general manager, Sean Marks, and hold their full practice at their new $50 million training facility.  It was a good day and an even better week.

Sure, the Nets had some offers. Boston, Toronto, Dallas and maybe others, reportedly called about Thaddeus Young, the 27-year-old who's having his best season in maybe ever.  And a league source said there was another deal offered the team --no details-- that the Nets could have made.  But at least according to Chris Mannix, the Nets didn't want to move until Sean Marks takes a closer look at what he's got.

And why not? No deal the Nets made would get them into the playoffs. Nor were they likely to land a guaranteed lottery pick. And to be clear, Mikhail Prokhorov has never wavered in his belief, laid out a month ago, that the Nets' "reset" should be all about using Young and Brook Lopez along with some of the Nets younger players as magnets to attract free agents this summer.

Marks will have to take a look at other magnet,  the HSS Training Center, opened not that many hours before he  accepted the Brooklyn job offer.  Irina Pavlova, who shepherded the practice facility from site selection to opening, told reporters that in talking to GM candidates she learned that that facilities like the HSS Center are no longer luxuries, but necessities for the recruiting --and retention-- of players.

Now, after the deadline, the real work begins, the things on which he will be judged -- picking a head coach and coaching staff, the assistant GM and the basketball operations staff-- starts. It goes deeper than that, too  A lot of the offices that line the halls at HSS are filled with Billy King hires.  Some will be retained, some won't. Some, like in analytics and scouting, may get some added help.  Staffing the Nets will take some time. Will Marks try to raid the Spurs coaching and basketball operations trees, starting with Ettore Messina who also worked for Prokhorov?  We wouldn't bet against it.

He also has to stand up the D-League team, the Long Island Nets, get ready for the draft, and take a look at the work Billy King had already done on free agency.  The D-League alone will take some time. The Long Island Nets will need to hire their own GM, head coach, assistant coach and trainer, ultimately his responsibility. He might also play a role in their scheduling, their uniforms, preparing for the D-League Draft, too.  We haven't even talked about the care and feeding of agents ... or learning Russian, after a fashion.

It's all going to take some time, and a lot of patience, running no doubt into May and June.  Today, deadline day, was a good start  It hopefully marks (pun intended) the start of a change in culture and in success.