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Does Joe Johnson want to stay a Net?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Forget all that buyout talk about Joe Johnson, writes Dave McMenamin of ESPN.  He quotes a source as saying Johnson is unlikely to seek one and in fact wants to "stick with" the Nets after his expiring contract ends this season!

Buried in McMenamin's report on the Cavs deadline was this this nugget.

With one open roster spot, the Cavs could also look to shore up their squad by going after a player who would accept a buyout from his current team. One popular buyout candidate is Brooklyn's Joe Johnson, considering the sorry state of the Nets. Johnson, a seven-time All-Star, has connections to Cavs general manager David Griffin through their time in Phoenix together, to Cavs lead assistant coach Larry Drew through their time in Atlanta together, and to LeBron James through USA Basketball. That would make him a welcomed fit in Cleveland. However, according to a source familiar with the Cavs' thinking, Cleveland's belief is Johnson does not want to leave Brooklyn and will seek to stick with the franchise on a multiyear extension as it undergoes its rebuild.

Johnson has often talked about how proud he was to be part of the original Brooklyn Nets team, that ownership and management traded for him. And despite that contract, Nets coaches have all spoken highly of Johnson's game, even when it looked like he was done earlier this year.  And of course, he is a fan favorite.

In recent weeks, since Tony Brown opened up the offense, Johnson has had a rebirth, continuing to facilitate as he done (and well) all season but upping his shooting numbers as well, particularly from deep.  And that buzzer beater at Barclays reminded people of what he can do with the game is on the line.

How much would he want, for how many years?  Who's the GM and would he want to dump money on a 35-year-old?  And of course, if he got a nice offer that would help him extend his playoff streak to nine years, might he be tempted to ask for that buyout?  All good questions.