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Killer of Wayne Ellington's father pleads guilty and heads to jail

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Fifteen months after he killed Wayne Ellington's father on a Philadelphia street corner, Carl White pleaded guilty this week to murder charges and is likely to spend between the next 30-to-60 years behind bars.

Online court documents show White pleaded guilty to third-degree murder and other charges in a deal with prosecutors on Tuesday, after the Philadelphia jury was selected for his trial.  For Ellington, the move brought some closure but no relief from the pain of losing a father.

"It's bittersweet," he said at practice Wednesday in Brooklyn. "You always want justice to be served, but at the same time none of that could ever bring my father back.

"(My father) meant a lot," Ellington said. "You only get one father, and the father-son relationship is a little bit different from any other relationship. I'm the only boy in my family, so it was a great bond we had, and I'm going to carry it on. He's going to live on through me."

The elder Ellington was found shot in the head in the driver's seat of a car in northwest Philadelphia a year ago November. His son was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers at the time. White was arrested and charged a month later. As we wrote over the summer, Ellington was one of several Nets to suffer family tragedies growing up.