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Mikhail Prokhorov says Nets didn't offer Sean Marks the GM job, doesn't know who Marks is

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

No Marks-ism for the Nets?

On Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski, the most reliable source of sources in the NBA, reported that Sean Marks has been offered the GM job by the Brooklyn Nets. On Wednesday, others reported that Marks may not accept the job, with Tim Bontemps the most definitive.

Mike Mazzeo and Marc Stein think it's not so dire, reporting "There is growing concern within the Brooklyn Nets organization that they will be unable to lure their preferred general manager candidate, Sean Marks, from the San Antonio Spurs, according to league sources."

Confused?  So are we ... so, apparently, is Mikhail Prokhorov.

When asked about it all Wednesday at the opening of the Nets $50 million training facility, Prokhorov said he doesn't even know who Sean Marks is. No, he really said that.

And we've come full circle!

And, as the kids say, "it's lit."

Prokhorov has not heard of Marks, who is the assistant GM of the San Antonio Spurs, the league's most successful franchise over the last decade?  Really? . Marks works for R.C. Buford, who is the GM of the Spurs and is also close friends with Sergey Kushchenko, who is on the Nets GM search committee.

Of course, he knows who he is.  He might not want to acknowledge it, of course, considering the events of the last 24 hours, when in effect, the opening of the HSS Training Center got, in the words of one national writer, "hijacked" by the Marks mystery.

Brian Lewis valiantly tried to explain it all.

Yucks aplenty.

What's next?  As Bontemps writes...

Buckle up, everyone. Buckle. Up. Or as one longtime Nets fan texted us, "This is the Netsiest thing to happen in weeks."