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Bucher: Should Nets and Rockets talk Dwight Howard?

Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher reports the Rockets are doing everything they can to trade Dwight Howard and suggests that Brooklyn might be a good place for Houston to dump him, noting the 30-year-old did want to play in the borough.

Bucher starts off by noting how bad the 27-28 Rockets want get something for Howard, who has a player option (for $23.28 million) next year and is unlikely to re-sign.

"You have to look at the teams when he was last a free agent and he was looking at L.A. and then Houston, teams like Brooklyn and Dallas, Atlanta," Bucher tells Stephen Nelson. "Because this isn't just about making a deal. It's a place he might stay beyond the remainder of this season and he can opt out of his deal."

Then, he goes into detail on how the Rockets might just want to dump Howard for "assets," rather than value.

"Ultimately if the Rockets are willing to take 10 cents on the dollar, and it is just a matter of moving him, and the drumbeat continues to increase and get louder, and that is the way they're feeling --that they just need to move on, not being caught just having him walk out the door, and let's get the most we can right now and move on, then that opens up the opportunity for, even a place like Brooklyn, where you already have a Brook Lopez, where this is a place he originally wanted to be, let's just take assets at this point and figure it out later."

Of course, "10 cents on the dollar" is a figure of speech. Howard makes $22.35 million this season, meaning the Nets would have to return players making around $19 million, say the contracts of Thaddeus Young ($12.7 million after his trade kicker is counted) and Jarrett Jack ($6.3 million), which is basically expiring. Bucher seems to be suggesting that Howard and Lopez could co-exist.

Howard is not the player he once was. Nagging injuries particularly to his back have sapped him of much of his athleticism, but he still averaging 14.6 points and 12 rebounds, while shooting 61.2 percent, a career best.

There's no rumor here, just a suggestion by Bucher. And, oh yeah, this would be Dwightmare 6. No need to go through 1 through 5.