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Stein: Joe Johnson not (yet) interested in buyout

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Monday night that unless traded, Andres Bargnani is "almost assuredly" be bought out by the Nets after the trade deadline passes. Woj had no word on the player most thought would ask for a buyout, Joe Johnson.

Marc Stein reports that's because Johnson has yet to express interest in a buyout.

If the Nets buy out or otherwise waive Johnson before March 1, he will be able to join another team -- and extend his consecutive seasons with playoff experience to nine, one of the league's longest such streaks.

Johnson makes $24.9 million this season, second in the league to Kobe Bryant. It's unlikely any team will want to take on that big a nut ... and it's also unlikely the Nets will want to take on any player not a star with more than an expiring deal.  The belief is that Johnson could help a number of playoff teams.

In other (somewhat) related trade news, the Clippers hope to send Lance Stephenson to Orlando for Channing Frye according to Woj.  If it goes through, that would seem to end the Clippers interest in Thaddeus Young.