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How serious trade talks for Brook Lopez, Thaddeus Young?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As Andy Vasquez writes Tuesday, a Nets trade of Brook Lopez or Thaddeus Young "would be a stunning change of course" after Mikhail Prokhorov --and others on his committee-- have talked about a "reset" in which the two bigs are seen as free agent magnets.  They themselves have said they've begun recruiting players the Nets might want.

But as Zach Lowe writes, the Nets have to perform what might be called due diligence.

The Nets and Knicks don’t have many assets; the Nets are testing the market for Thad Young and Brook Lopez — they’d be irresponsible not to, even without a full-time GM — and if they snare a first-round pick for one of them, Brooklyn could flip it for Teague.

You can understand why Ujiri might be wary of trading a first-round pick for Anderson, Young, Gibson, Kenneth Faried or Markieff Morris. None of those guys changes your life as a franchise.

There have been some rumors about Young, but nothing on Lopez.  A league source said that while the Raptors and Nets have spoken, there's nothing "serious on the table."  Fred Kerber describes the talks as "in basic, non-specific terms." That of course could change.

Free agency is getting more attractive.  Lowe writes there will be a lot more money out there. that the cap is likely to jump even more than expected, to "$92 million -- the new estimate lots of teams are using after the league initially projected an $89 million ceiling for next season."

As Mike Mazzeo tweets, the Nets will be one of big beneficiaries...

Currently, the Nets rank eighth in cap space.