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Trade bonuses could complicate Brooklyn Nets trade picture

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Raptors --and apparently other teams not yet named-- are interested in Thaddeus Young, but dealing the 6'8" power forward may not be as easy as some think.

Young, it turns out, has a trade "kicker", that is, a bonus, of 15 percent.  That means Young is entitled to a bonus equal to 15 percent of what he is owed on the guaranteed remainder of his contract, signed last July.  In Young's case, that would amount to $4.4 million.

Under the CBA, the Nets would have to pay Bogdanovic the full amount upfront at the time of the trade while the receiving team would absorb the larger payout on their cap over three years. So, if the Nets were to trade Young to the Raptors, his cap hit this season would not be $11.2 million, but $12.7 million instead -- his salary of $11.2 million plus nearly $1.5 million, the $4.4 million bonus pro-rated over the three years of his guaranteed contract. (Young signed a four-year deal, but the fourth year doesn't count because it carries an early termination option.)

Such a big upfront payout -- and the need to add players to make up the added cap hit -- would no doubt be considered in any trade talks.

The $4.4 million the Nets would pay Young would not affect the team's luxury tax situation.  The Nets are perilously close to the luxury tax threshold and do not want to top it, since it would trigger the repeater tax as well.  Avoiding those taxes is one reason the Nets bought out and stretched Deron Williams last summer

In addition to Young, another player mentioned in trade rumors -- Bojan Bogdanovic -- also has a trade bonus. With Bogdanovic in the second of a three year deal, his payout would amount to only a few hundred thousand dollars.

Meanwhile, Fred Kerber reports that the Young trade talks aren't that advanced.

Sources maintain the Raptors and Nets are talking — in basic, non-specific terms, one source said — about Thaddeus Young (1) as Toronto seeks forward help.