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Isola: Nets, Raptors discussing Thad Young for assets and... Knicks pick?

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The NBA Trade Deadline is less than a week away - Thursday at 3 p.m. -- and the Nets still don't have a GM, but reporters continue to insist that the Nets could make a move.  But one thing is certain, calls are being made.

At first, Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young were reported untouchable but then on Friday night, Howard Beck clarified and said Nets brass is "reluctant", but open, to trading either of the two if the right deal comes across the table.

The latest now comes from Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, who brings up potential specifics between the Nets and Raptors revolving around Thad Young.

"One scenario has Young being moved to Toronto for a package that could include Patrick Patterson and point guard Delon Wright. The Nets may want a first round pick and Toronto just happens to own the Knicks 2016 first round pick."

Fred Kerber reports Monday that the Nets and Raptors are indeed talking but nothing is settled or imminent.

Sources maintain the Raptors and Nets are talking — in basic, non-specific terms, one source said — about Thaddeus Young as Toronto seeks forward help.

Are the Raptors interested?  Yes, says a league source. But that same source tells NetsDaily that Toronto has yet to put anything "serious" on the table.  What would constitute a "serious" offer?  A starting point guard perhaps... and Delon Wright does not meet that definition.  Of course, that could all change by Thursday.

This isn't the first time we've heard of Toronto's interest in Young. Brian Windhorst of ESPN first reported Toronto's interest in Thaddeus Young.

"I think they're gonna go for it. I think from what I understand, from what I'm hearing, they're pretty aggressive in the trade market. They're looking for power forwards. I've heard them attached to Thaddeus Young. I've heard them attached to (Nuggets forward) Kenneth Faried. I've heard them attached to (Suns forward) Markieff Morris. They have extra draft picks. I wouldn't trade that New York Knicks pick unless it was for a blockbuster acquisition, because you can't protect it, you can't protect another team's pick. I would do it if I could put, like, a top-five protection on it. But you can't do that. You can't say, all right, we'll give you two of our picks if it falls in the top five. But they have assets to do it. They have some young players."

Shortly after, Marc Stein of ESPN also reported of Toronto's interest to fill the four spot in order to help them make a legitimate championship push.

"The Raptors, sources say, have had exploratory discussions to gauge the possibility of acquiring Denver's Kenneth Faried, Brooklyn's Thaddeus Young and the Phoenix duo of Markieff Morris and P.J. Tucker."

Then of course Bradford Doolittle of ESPN came up with a few trade scenario notions. One of the four he noted were very similar if not identical to Isola's report. Did Doolittle's notion become Isola's rumor?

"Brook Lopez for 1) Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams of the Bucks,both of whom have been disappointing;  2) Marcus SmartDavid Lee and a pick, but not a Nets pick, of the Celtics; 3) free agent Hassan Whiteside and maybe something else: or Young for Patrick PattersonDelon Wright or another young player off the Raptors roster."

No matter what rumors surface, it seems unlikely the Nets will make a big deal at the deadline. The Russians reluctance to move either of the two major assets that may entice a free agent this summer appears to be one of the few issues with a big deal at the deadline, along with the fact that they don't even have a GM.

As Brian Lewis writes, "Sources told The Post that Brooklyn isn't expected to hire a GM until early next week, and with so little time before next Thursday's trade deadline, no major deals are likely to be made."

The speculated deal would enable Brooklyn to acquire young talent AND a potential high draft pick, something they're going to need in order to get this thing right for the future. But if Prokhorov and co. believe they're "one or two" players away, then this doesn't seem like the move that fits that specific criteria.