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Bojan Bogdanovic wants quick resolution of GM, Coach search

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Bojan Bogdanovic likes the way the Nets are playing under Tony Brown --and has good things to say about Lionel Hollins-- but hopes that ownership quickly finds a new GM and coach, saying "You don’t know who is in charge,"

Fred Kerber talked to Bogdanovic, the Nets sole representative in Toronto, about the differences between the two coaches and the team's style under both, noting the improved pace.  "With Tony Brown, we are getting better. We are playing better at home, we are shooting ball better at home."

Indeed, as Andres_B, a longtime NetsDaily poster, notes, the Nets have shot dramatically better after the January 10 change of coaches.

But Bogie also said of Hollins, "he [gave] me an opportunity in the starting lineup. I have nothing against him. He was great for me."

However, he did note that Markel Brown has flourished after being sidelined by Hollins. "Markel is playing great. Before he didn’t play even a minute."

But he expressed concern about the pace of the GM and coaching search, saying not much is going to happen for the rest of the year and that's leaving the players in the lurch.

"You don’t know who is in charge," he told Kerber. "Honestly we have to wait for the summer to get a GM. "Are they going to hire a new one or new coach or will Tony stay? Then they’ll make new moves. But until summer, there’s nothing clear.

"We have many young, good players but no one knows who will stay or be traded.".