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Bojan Bogdanovic on the bubble?

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets participation in NBA All-Star Weekend is over now that the Rising Stars Challenge is over.  Bojan Bogdanovic played --scoring six points in the USA vs. World game.

If you missed the game, Bogdanovic played well enough, getting a C- from one pundit. He started but played only 16 minutes and made a pair of 3s in six attempts for his only scoring. He also had two rebounds, two assists and a steal. Bogdanovic has played well of late. In February, he's averaging 11.6 points a game coming off the bench, hitting a scorching 56 percent of his three's and 50 percent overall.  He seems to be adjusting well to his sixth man role ... and his new coach, who's given him a longer leash and opened up the offense a bit.

As Andres_B, a long time NetsDaily poster, tweeted Saturday...

There's probably no Nets player more on the bubble than Bogdanovic.  For example, in discussing the team's "young talented players," Mikhail Prokhorov did not mention Bogdanovic ... but Brett Yormark has. There are always rumors suggesting he's available or that the Nets are testing the market on him. One league source says there's been a market for the 6'8" shooting guard since he was drafted by the Nets in 2011, joking that the Nets almost traded him "20 times" during his three years as a Euro-Stash in Turkey.

No doubt there will be offers between now and Thursday's deadline but whether the Nets move him remains a question.  He has his fans in the organization, but he has some trade value now.  A lot of teams can always use a shooter.  No doubt he's come up in the GM discussions.  After all, the first question Billy King reportedly asked Lionel Hollins in his job interview was how would he use Bogdanovic.