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Would Nets go for Bryan Colangelo AND Arturas Karnisovas, asks Howard Beck

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In a series of tweets, Howard Beck updates his coverage of the Nets GM search, noting there's some speculation the Nets might want to hire both Bryan Colangelo and Arturas Karnisovas.

He also suggests that Mikhail Prokhorov may have a "quiet A-list" and isn't opposed to trading Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, just "reluctant."

In a Colangelo-Karnisovas construct, the former Suns and Raptors GM might be given the title of President (or vice-president) of Basketball Operations and Karnisovas would be "general manager."

Here's the tweets...

Luring Karnisovas away from the Nuggets might be difficult. The former Seton Hall star and North Jersey resident just signed a contract extension with Denver. While Nuggets ownership might not object to him taking the job in another front office, it might not think the same way about a No. 2 job ... whether or not it's called general manager. In the years prior to Billy King's hire, the top job in the Nets front office was often "president of basketball operations" and the No. 2 was "general manager."

On the other hand, Denver is notoriously frugal in paying its front office employees and if we have learned anything in the last five years, it's that Prokhorov is willing to spend money.

As for Colangelo, he has long been seen as the top candidate, but some have raised the question: if he's such an easy choice, why the need for a rumored second round of interviews? Why not just hire him now?